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As we go forward, continuing the initiatives that touch our communities and the surrounding cities. Prophetess Cash conceived a vision and mission regarding the American Cancer Society findings. Over 12 million people in the United States are living with or have been personally diagnosed with cancer. Every year, 1.5 million more people receive a cancer diagnosis. Our founder Prophetess Valencia R. Cash a cancer survivor, heart go out to those impacted by cancer and she possess a conviction to fill their hearts with hope.  Prophetess Cash know Cancer Care Ministry is vital!


What is a Cancer Care Ministry? 


Imagine feeling afraid, rejected, alone, powerless, ashamed and hopeless. Envision then, someone coming to you saying words that no one else has said. Doing things that no one else has done and leave you with courage, strength, dignity and hope for the future - and God's plan. How would that affect you? What if it helped you through to see another whole season of life with hope?


Our organization is centered on bringing hope to patients and their caregivers, and family. This requires an understanding of the impact of cancer, how people react to cancer and how God has called His people to respond. Above all, it requires us to have within ourselves an unfeigned hope that we can take to those in need. 

Our team has been commissioned, properly trained and certified through the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America's Pastoral Care Department: "Our Journey Of Hope."   A Bible-based ministry program developed to equip Pastors and Leaders with the tools needed to bring hope to the millions who are living with cancer. 


Seeds of Hope Cancer Care Mission:


"To assist cancer patients, survivors and their families with the tools and resources that will provide strength, knowledge, and guidance with spiritual and compassionate support"